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Why you need a professionally-written CV


Most job applicants create a simple one-page CV, print out dozens of copies, and send the same one to every employer they contact. Whether they're applying for a specific job, or sending their CV on spec, they make the mistake of assuming that when it comes to job applications, one size fits all. But that's not the case, and making that mistake could mean that you never even get as far as the interview stage.



Getting your CV right is absolutely vital. Sure, you can use one of the many templates available on the internet (there are plenty of free ones), but that still doesn't mean that the end result will be any good or be of the standard that recruiters are looking for. And when there can be hundreds of people vying for the same job (we've all seen the massive queues when employers announce vacancies), it becomes ever more imperative that your CV is absolutely perfect.


The best CVs are written by experienced people with plenty of practice - and how can you have that practice if you just write your own? That's why it makes sense to order CV writing. Our professional writers dedicate themselves to supplying clients with impressive CVs that will lead them to the job they want. As professionals, they have the experience that you haven't had the chance to gain.


Having your CV written by one of our team is a small investment in your future, and one that's sure to pay off. There are far more job applicants than vacancies, and you're not only competing against jobseekers, but also people looking for a change of career or a promotion. So you need to do everything in your power to fight off the competition and make your CV prominent among the many others on the recruiter's desk.




How to write CVs that attract attention


If you're going to write a CV that attracts the right attention, rather than being thrown into the recycling pile, you need to make it short. While it's a temptation to show off everything you've ever done, that won't impress recruiters. They only spend a couple of minutes on reading each CV, given that they've got a huge pile to wade through, so it really doesn't take much for them to decide that a CV isn't worth any more of their time. You also need to consider the type of field you're applying for. A CV that's too gimmicky may be eye-catching, but it will put off any employer where a professional image is all-important. However, if you want to apply for a start-up, a dynamic digital CV with graphics could be the trick to grab attention.


If you don't have much job experience because you've had family commitments or have recently left university, you'll have to find other ways of demonstrating your skills or suitability for the job. Did you run any groups at university, or work on the student newspaper? Have you experience in the voluntary sector? Our professional CV writers know all the tricks for getting round any apparent drawbacks and turning them to your advantage.


CV writing needs a certain amount of creativity and the knack of saying everything you need to say as succinctly as possible. We can handle that perfectly, and turn the details you give us into a CV that does everything required to make sure you're one of the lucky interviewees. So ask us to create a wonderful CV for you - and be sure to let us know when you're offered the job!

Jul 16th 2014 3:37 pm